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Something new in the air: RC all the rage in Milan EICMA show

The EICMA show in Milan is one of the motorcycle industry’s biggest annual gatherings but KTM have treated it as the ultimate teaser opportunity in recent years. Watching MotoGP commentator

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1290 Super Duke R: Jeremy McWilliams’ role in the bike

You know Jeremy McWilliams, do you? Irishman, former MotoGP-racer, GP winner, Pole setter, great guy who has raced almost everything on two wheels – Aprilia, Yamaha, ROC, Harris, Honda, Proton,


1290 Super Duke R: what the experts said

Bike journalists from all around the world travelled to Spain to test the new KTM 1290 Super Duke R. We joined in one of the groups and grabbed some opinions


The magic of the Beast: We go for a ride

Okay, I haven’t been mauled by the Beast. However, I’m still going to light an orange candle or maybe two would be fairer. The first to thank some heavenly force


Super Duke 1290 launch: The lowdown

Pump Kinn, our bizarre alter ego discovering all things new for the Blog, is in Spain for the launch of the Super Duke 1290. Read on to see his first


Duck meets Duke

The worldwide media presentation of the 1290 Super Duke R is taking place this week in Spain near Ronda. As it is a very serious event, on beautiful roads and


Beasts nearly free to roam

Not much need for words. A quick trip to the website is more than enough… Simply log on to see KTM’s latest production model of the Super Duke range. The


Americans! Grab your chance at an Adventure test now!

KTM North America is preparing for 1190 Adventure (with the new innovative MSC electronic system) ‘fever’ by launching a very cool competition for somebody to fly to Arizona and complete

Kompakt und leicht: Die MSC-Hardware-Komponenten lassen sich bestens in das Bike integrieren.

MSC: Three letters for a technological revolution

Anti-lock braking technology has been hovering around for quite a while in the motorcycle universe and has been a fixture at KTM since the 1190 Adventure.


She’s snarling…

We were happily the first to prize the cage door ajar for ‘The Beast’ late last year and now the floodgates are about to be flung wide open with the