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Category: Riding


Jeremy McWilliams, The Beast and Goodwood

Jeremy McWilliams, 49, is a former MotoGP rider, 250cc race winner and the last man to set pole position on a 500 Grand Prix two-stroke. The Northern Irishman is not


Panini Tour: Postcard from Samarkand

The exciting world tour of Barbara Kenedi and partner Peter with their two 1190 KTM Adventure Rs continues. Here’s what they sent us from Samarkand in Uzbekistan   Two months


Jay and Ethel Rose: Special people on a special trip

It is one of those small stories that we love to share… It is always wonderful to see how special people enjoy themselves doing things they want to do, especially


Duke 390 launch Blog part 3: Extra time!

‘Pump Kinn’ grabs some more quality time riding KTM´s new 390 Duke. Here’s what he thinks… Motorcycling usually involves a very simple rule of thumb: the better the bike, the


German precision: The ADAC MX Academy powered by KTM

German football and its latest production line of talent are currently going through a purple patch but the internationally renowned ADAC are hoping to lure youngsters’ attention away from the


Around the world with the Panini Moto Tour: Departure

Anyone who has ever toured a long distance on a motorcycle knows that it usually brings a feeling of mystery and can be tremendously addictive. For Barbara Kenedi, who works


1190 Adventure Blog Day 11: Timeline

Into the final sprint here for the 1190 Adventure press launch. It was great again today with 21 testers streaming along over the island, Tenerife was – once more –


1190 Adventure Blog Day 10: Cake for Cyril

Ten days ago I travelled to Tenerife. Now we are close to the final sessions of the international press launch of the KTM 1190 Adventure. So far almost 70 journalists


1190 Adventure Day 9: What we know…

The third group of testers at the 1190 Adventure press launch here in Tenerife turns out pretty colourful again. We have journalists from Great Britain, Holland and France getting to

1190 Adventure Blog Day 8: A journalist interviewed!

No riding today. So I switched things around and interviewed a journalist: Simon Weir from British magazine ‘RIDE’. He is one of five British journos flying in today to Tenerife