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01 Diagnosegeraet an ADV

MSC retrofitting – that´s how it works

Since mid-January the MSC software update is available at the KTM dealers. We explain how the upgrade works.

Philipp Habsburg, Head KTM R&D (© KTM)

Interview of the month: Re(ar)view with Philipp Habsburg, Head of KTM R&D

Short before the end of season 2013 we grabbed some precious moments with the man responsible for KTM’s vast array of models and new technology over the last decade – Philipp Habsburg, Head of KTM R&D.

Kompakt und leicht: Die MSC-Hardware-Komponenten lassen sich bestens in das Bike integrieren.

MSC: Three letters for a technological revolution

Anti-lock braking technology has been hovering around for quite a while in the motorcycle universe and has been a fixture at KTM since the 1190 Adventure.