Around the world with the Panini Moto Tour: Departure

Anyone who has ever toured a long distance on a motorcycle knows that it usually brings a feeling of mystery and can be tremendously addictive. For Barbara Kenedi, who works in a lofty position at KTM’s Spare Parts distribution business in Mattighofen and her boyfriend Peter, this is precisely the case. After many exciting trips including a pass through Namibia and across Australia, the duo are now starting an extensive motorcycle adventure around the world. This coming Tuesday the pair open their world tour in the saddle of two new KTM 1190 Adventure Rs that were broken-in with a journey to Croatia just a few days ago.

On previous trips the riders could be followed at Why the ‘Panini’? It’s the name of their cat, which – of course – is well taken care of when its owners are busy traversing the continents.

The current marathon ride is titled: ‘Around the world – Panini Moto Tour’ and can be followed by anyone on Facebook:

Barbara and Peter will embark on their journey around the world in stages. The first lasts from March to July and totals 24,000km. It begins in Austria and finishes in Ulang Bator, the capital of Mongolia.

The rough tour planning is as follows:

In March the route goes along the Adriatic coast to the Orient:
Ranshofen – Croatia – Bosnia – Greece – Istanbul (about 4000km)

In March and April the most beautiful part of Turkey is put under wheels:
Istanbul – Ephesus – Pamukkale – Cappadocia – Erzurum (about 4,600 miles)

In April and May the journey continues through the rugged Caucasus into magical Persia: Erzurum – Georgia / Tbilisi – Azerbaijan – Isfahan – Tehran (about 4,000 miles)

In May, the ride leads along the Silk Road and through Central Asia:
Tehran – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan – Kyrgyzstan – Almaty (about 5,600 miles)

For June, after the Altai Mountains, they ride through Mongolia:
Almaty – Barnaul (Russia) – Mongolia – Ulan Bator (approximately 5,900km)

At the end of this first major stage a plane awaits back to Austria. The world tour then continues a few months later from Darwin in Australia. The motorcycles will be stored safely in the meantime and then transported ‘down under’. The initial plan, to set off from Mongolia onto Australia through Southeast Asia on two wheels, was dropped for organizational and time constraints.

We wish Peter and Barbera the best of luck on their KTMs, that they enjoy plenty of fantastic sights and adventures and always drive safely. Enjoy every mile and please come back safe.