200 DUKE with ABS: Yet more fun?!

After the 1290 SUPER DUKE R there were several other new bikes fighting for attention in front of the camera flashes at the EICMA show in Milan.

We’ve already had a look at the 390 on this Blog but now is the turn of the 200 DUKE, refreshed for 2013. This machine extends the DUKE family to five different displacements and although the 200 is already out there and not strictly a ‘show special’ the bike warrants a lofty place in the Duke family. Here’s why …

Leichtflitzer 200 DUKE neu mit ABS // Light and quick 200 DUKE now with ABS

Small bikes are light and nimble, and therefore a lot more fun than many can imagine. The 200 DUKE is the best proof of this. For almost a year, this is, to put it bluntly, the 125 for adults; a bike that offers light handling but with a little more power and excellent economy/fuel range. The new version of the 200 DUKE is now equipped with a modern ABS anti-lock system (Bosch) and a dashing paint scheme.

The 200 four-stroke engine is based on the 125 DUKE but has been modified to generate 60% more displacement and corresponding propulsion: different camshafts, larger valves, larger pistons along with another crankshaft, new airbox and exhaust. The combination pushes to 19kW (26hp) and means juicy torque from low revs. Modern injection electronics and the six-speed gearbox of the 200 DUKE to help impressive performance in encouraging fuel efficiency.

The handsome frame together with high quality suspension components make the 200 DUKE appeal to the real curve surfers. The multi-function cockpit provides all the info you could want whether you’re keen for a quick blast on the roads or everyday life on two wheels.