1190 Adventure Blog Day 8: A journalist interviewed!

No riding today. So I switched things around and interviewed a journalist: Simon Weir from British magazine ‘RIDE’. He is one of five British journos flying in today to Tenerife to test the new KTM 1190 Adventure.

Simon, how many test ride presentations are on your schedule this season?

In 2012 I did about eight press launches. This year it will be a couple less. The 1190 Adventure launch will be my first new ride of 2013, so hopefully it’ll be an interesting one!

You are familiar with the previous Adventure models, I guess?

Oh yes. Pretty well, I think. I have ridden the first 950 quite intensively and then the 990 as well. I’ve had good experiences with both models. My personal preference is street riding. Off-road for me is more of a constant exercise in trying not to not fall off the bike! This is why I am even more interested in this latest Adventure because it seems to be a new frontier – especially on asphalt – for KTM to-date.

Any expectations for the first ride-out tomorrow?

I suppose the new adventure will be a huge step in terms of sheer power because the engine is based on that of the RC8. With 150bhp it promises to be very powerful. I imagine the bike is more orientated for street use and feels sort of like a SMT, but with more ‘juice’. Easy to manoeuver and above all easy to get along with. The weight on paper seems promising, it also looks pretty light. Personally I like bikes that somehow allow you to look through it here-and-there. Everything appears smooth, well-arranged and airy. In any case I look forward to riding the thing and to discover how it feels.

Manufacturers are offering more and more sophisticated electronic systems right now on bikes. What’s your opinion on the matter?

Very simple: Develop it and offer it to us…as long as it works properly! When the first ABS systems arrived on the market, some did not work really well and had disadvantages. Finally the technology got better and better – today almost nobody wants to ride without it. I think that modern motorcycles should be quipped with electronic systems that help safer riding. Honestly, even the best motorcyclists can only ride better and safer with them engaged. I think that effective, functional and sound electronic systems will become more and more standard on modern bikes.

What bike do you use day-to-day?

A Yamaha Fazer 600. For the magazine I ride the newest, biggest and fastest bikes available all year long. So from time-to-time I enjoy getting out on a light, basic and tame bike. Sometimes less can be more! But nevertheless, tomorrow I’m sure I will be able to enjoy the performance the Adventure has to offer.

Thanks Simon – speak to you again after trying the Adventure!