Duck meets Duke


The worldwide media presentation of the 1290 Super Duke R is taking place this week in Spain near Ronda. As it is a very serious event, on beautiful roads and the incredible Ascari circuit, the first thing Blog author ‘Pump Kinn’ did was fashion an introduction between KTM’s Racing Duck (present from the Power Parts accessories division) to the new bike. We overhead the following chat:


Racing Duck: “Hi, I’m KTM’s Racing Duck. And who are you?”

1290 Super Duke R: “I’m new to the family. They call me ‘The Beast’”.

Racing Duck: “Dear Lord! Do I have to be frightened now?”

1290 Super Duke R: “Only if you are alongside me at a red light.”

Racing Duck: “I prefer being cute. Everybody loves me.”

1290 Super Duke R: “Me too, because of my fun-factor: 180 PS, 0-to-200 km/h in 7,2 seconds.”

Racing Duck: “But I can swim and I am unsinkable.”

1290 Super Duke R: “I have ABS and very clever electronics on board. You don´t dump me that easily.”

Racing Duck: “Can you squeak too?”

1290 Super Duke R: “Yes, while drifting and if I turn all my electronics off.”

Racing Duck: “Well, I am beautiful. Typically KTM, my design is one of a kind.”

1290 Super Duke R: “And modest I see. But me too. Kiss K – the father of all orange design – is my witness.”

Racing Duck: “I am equipped with two wings, protectors, helmet and hump. I am rugged and indestructible.”

1290 Super Duke R: “I shine with two cylinders, a single sided swingarm and 15,000 km maintenance intervals, so it ends up pretty much the same.”

Racing Duck: “I’m easy to look after and I just love soap and foam!”

1290 Super Duke R: “I love to embrace the wind. And after I´m done, I smell burnt rubber and fuel.”

Racing Duck: “I´m available for less than 10 Euro.”

1290 Super Duke R: “Touché. It´s a bit more for me.”

Racing Duck: “And I’m known as a bestseller.”

1290 Super Duke R: “We talk again about that after one year…”