The KTM 890 DUKE R slashed into the mid-weight naked motorcycle category with a surgeon’s precision. As sharp as it is out-of-the-box, here are 5 areas to focus on to take THE SUPER SCALPEL from backroad blaster to track day terror.

THE SUPER SCALPEL, KTM 890 DUKE R – a track weapon that almost obliges you to get your knee close to the tarmac.

The KTM 890 DUKE R isn’t lacking. In fact, it’s probably one of the most complete mid-weight packages available on the market right now. A glance at the impressive spec sheet will confirm this. But, like all things, and knowing what we know about KTM riders, there is always room to make READY TO RACE even RACIER!


With 121 HP and hammer-blow levels of torque, the KTM 890 DUKE R isn’t short on power. However, there is one modification which we would say is an absolute must-have when tuning THE SUPER SCALPEL into the ultimate track-day assault weapon – the AKRAPOVIČ KIT “EVOLUTION LINE”.

An absolute must-have: the AKRAPOVIČ KIT “EVOLUTION LINE”
PC @HeinzMitterbauer

Made from high-grade, lightweight titanium, the AKRAPOVIČ KIT “EVOLUTION LINE” not only looks like it belongs on the starting grid, but delivers substantial performance gains (+5 hp), and weight savings too (- 4.5 kg). As a bonus, the AKRAPOVIČ KIT “EVOLUTION LINE” also produces a commanding soundtrack that won’t go unnoticed.


There isn’t much more we can strip off this mid-weight NAKED. However, like the AKRAPOVIČ KIT “EVOLUTION LINE”, the KTM PowerParts catalog has several weight-saving add-ons which will make the KTM 890 DUKE R even leaner.

Save even more weight with the RACE SEAT.
PC @HeinzMitterbauer

The RACE SEAT is an absolute must-have for every ambitious racer. Thanks to its glass fiber reinforced plastic construction, the RACE SEAT is extremely light and saves more weight by eliminating the need for the standard seat. This also aids in a more direct feel to the motorcycle.

The RACE SEAT comes primed and ready for painting. A Neoprene seat cowl pad is also included.

PC @HeinzMitterbauer

Save more weight by swapping out the KTM 890 DUKE R’s menacing headlight with the START NUMBER PLATE KIT. Developed for use on the racetrack, the START NUMBER PLATE KIT is perfectly integrated into the motorcycle and gives it that real race bike look.

Some race tracks and series regulations will also call for a removal of the side stand. Luckily, we’ve thought of that too with the SIDE STAND REMOVAL KIT. This plug and play system effectively simulates a folded up side stand, and includes all the parts needed to replace the entire side stand bracket. Best of all, it also saves about 1 kg of sprung weight.

The WP APEX PRO suspension parts have been forged on racetracks around the world, and offer complete setup control.
PC @HeinzMitterbauer


This is the reason we refer to the KTM 890 DUKE R as THE SUPER SCALPEL. It’s ultra-sharp and extremely precise. For those who want the ultimate race-day advantage, look no further than the WP APEX PRO line of suspension componentry. These high-spec suspension parts have been forged on racetracks around the world, and offer complete setup control.

The FACTORY FOOTPEG SYSTEM is another race-day add-on which dramatically improves race-setup and rider-feel on the bike. CNC milled from high-strength aluminum and anodized for longevity, the Factory footpegsystem allows riders to find their perfect positioning on the bike thanks to 8 different positions of adjustability. Knurling on the footpegs also ensures riders maintain boot grip when getting their elbows down.

Ultra-sharp, extremely precise and ready for the track – the KTM 890 DUKE R.


With all that ‘GO’, you’ll need some ‘WOAH!’

The floating Wave brake disc set has been specifically developed for use on the race track. They deliver consistent, high-level braking performance with the perfect dosing capacity to scrub off speed, fast! Best of all, they’ve been engineered to perform in all conditions, wet or shine, with no distortion, no brake juddering and optimum braking feel across the entire temperature range. They also look the business with an anodized inner ring and stainless steel high-performance brake outer ring.

Sharper than ever focused on the hardcore KTM naked rider.


Now that your KTM 890 DUKE R has all the ‘go faster’ parts, you’ll need to look the part.

The FRONT SPOILER KIT is a well-designed, and perfectly fitted GRP fairing which is also mandatory for some race regulations. The glass reinforced construction is extremely lightweight and made to the highest level of fit and finish, perfectly integrating into the KTM 890 DUKE R’s already aggressive stance.

The well-designed and perfectly fitted FRONT SPOILER KIT for the KTM 890 DUKE R.
PC @HeinzMitterbauer

The KTM PowerParts catalog is also jam-packed full of bits to take your ride to the next level, like the orange anodized BRAKE and CLUTCH LEVER.  These are precision CNC milled from high-strength aluminum, and not only look great but have technical and ergonomic added-value too. These are adjustable for reach, extremely lightweight and the levers fold upwards in the event of a crash to prevent breakage.

For added lever protection, the FACTORY BRAKE LEVER PROTECTION is also CNC milled from high-strength aluminum and is mandatory in many competitions. This robust level protector gives added protection to the lever in case of unintentional ground or rider contact.

And lastly, in the event of an off, the CLUTCH and IGNITION COVER PROTECTORS ensure the engine covers stay safe from any damage. These have been specifically adapted to the shape of the engine cover for a precise fit, and are made from special, high-strength plastic which are largely friction resistant, and will slide, rather than grind, if they hit the deck.

If you’d like to find out more about the astonishing KTM 890 DUKE R or any of the KTM PowerParts mentioned above, visit KTM.COM.