KTM ADVENTURE RALLY: Relive the adventure

KTM ADVENTURE RALLYs allow riders from all over the world to discover the true meaning of adventure. 6 rally, 6 countries: Australia, Italy, South Africa, USA, Canada and New Zealand. Each rally awaits the riders with diverse tests of character and skills. You have doubts whether this is the right adventure for you? We offer some insight.

© C. Wood

Three of the six rallys are already completed and leave the participants with unforgettable experiences, memories and new friends.

Carrying on from the highly successful KTM ADVENTURE RALLYs in other countries, the European KTM ADVENTURE RALLY was held for the second time in 2018. At the end of June 150 hardcore KTM ADVENTURE riders descended on the island of Sardinia to enjoy the best adventure riding the northern Sardinian regions had to offer.

Here is what the participants of this year´s European KTM ADVENTURE RALLY experienced during three days of riding on and offroad.

Three KTM ADVENTURE RALLYs are still to come in 2018 before we launch the next adventure: the Ultimate Race.

Photo: C. Wood
Video: Luca Piffaretti/Filmer Force Productions