Rok Bagoroš: My way back

Injuries are the worst thing that can happen to a sportsman. Rok Bagoroš learned that the hard way. In August 2013, the Slovenian Freestyle pro came by a torn ligament in the right knee while performing one of his stunt shows. The operation and following rehabilitation extended over half a year. Rok documented this difficult time in a video that is really worth watching.

Meanwhile, the KTM rider made a full recovery and is again able to ride and thrill the audience with his stunt shows. Only the memory of the difficult and prolonged recovery is still fresh in mind.

Rok Bagoroš: “I have never been seriously injured before. Furthermore, the accident happened at an adverse moment, just before a ten-week tour across three continents. The injury had been a rude shock and made a mess of my daily routine. Before the injury, everything was about bike action, sport, training and adrenaline. After the operation, I was condemned to inactivity … at first. I even had to buy a TV; so far I didn´t own one, because there has never been enough time to watch TV.”

Rok Bagoroš Reha Team

“Torn ligaments need a lot of patience. All my life only focused on rehabilitation and getting well again. However, I tried to keep a positive attitude. Any progress, even the smallest steps motivated me. All in all, the recovery lasted more than six months and – trust me on this one – it was a tedious time. But I always thought about the feeling when getting on my KTM 690 DUKE, finally being able to ride, train and study new tricks! I have to thank all those, who had been around and helped me to recover. Meanwhile I´m completely recovered and in better shape than ever before. I really missed all the action and I´m really looking forward to continue my stunt riding shows.”

2014-RokOn-Stunt-Show---Murska-Sobota_0588 2014-RokOn-Stunt-Show---Murska-Sobota_0907 2014-RokOn-Stunt-Show---Murska-Sobota_0921 2014-RokOn-Stunt-Show---Murska-Sobota_0927
Rok Bagoroš KTM 690 DUKE Stunt

Rok´s next appearances
August 2-3, 2014                                 DTM at Redbull Ring (Austria)
August 9, 2014                                     RokON KTM 200 DUKE Show Almaty (Kazakhstan)
September 7, 2014                              Rally Liezen (Austria)
September 12-14, 2014                      RokON KTM 200 DUKE Show (Turkey)
October 3, 2014                                   Graz Weyland Private Show (Austria)
Oktober 4-5, 2014                               Intermot Cologne (Germany)
November 6-9, 2014                          EICMA Milan (Italy)

Photos: Adriamedia/Bagoroš