Rok Bagoroš: Ride and Slay

Tribute to stunt riding or how KTM´s official stunt rider Rok Bagoroš survived the road of death or glory.

Rok Bagoroš (SLO) & KTM 690 DUKE

Dream big, never give up – and make an action clip? Hell, yeah! Enter Rok´s imaginary world where he is facing deadly traps on the road of death or glory!

During the four days of shooting at the Slovenian aluminum factory Talum Kidričevo Rok sustained some bumps and bruises, but this is acceptable collateral damage if you are trying to defeat evil forces with classic and new stunt riding tricks. Therefore, the clip “Ride and Slay” is not only turning Rok´s fantasy into a film but also a new concept of freestyle clip with crazy characters and Hollywood-style special effects. And, of course, an action-packed RokON! stunt riding show. And the moral of this story? In a world that is ruled by evil characters the only thing you need is a handful of (stunt riding) tricks to escape the death and reach the glory!

Ride and Slay_Photo Rok Mlinar 2 Ride and Slay_Photo Rok Mlinar Ride And Slay_Rok Bagoros

“We´ve already started filming in 2013 but during the film shooting I had to perform at a show in Austria where I sustained a serious knee injury. It took me three years to return to the top level of (stunt) riding. In the meantime, unable to move around, I came up with new ideas and tricks. And we decided to produce a new clip! It wouldn´t have been possible without Scorpion Exo, the main sponsor of the film, and the great number of enthusiastic supporters around me. Stress at the movie set was serious and some tricks were almost impossible to perform; one blow to the head was pretty painful, but the danger was only fictional”, Rok explains.

Tonia, the evil boss, will never stop chasing Rok Bagoroš … but all in vain. If you follow your greatest passion, you become uncatchable.

Enjoy the ride and RokON!

Photos: Rok Mlinar | Uroš Podlogar | Rok Bagoroš