Serial winner – KTM 450 RALLY

The new Red Bull KTM Factory Rally bike has evolved from information gathered over the last 12 years where KTM has enjoyed consecutive Dakar Rally wins, and the bike is lighter and slimmer to house the newly-designed fuel-injection 450 Rally engine, which will power KTM riders in the Dakar race from January 5th 2014.

81134_MISC_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_0588_1024 81121_COMA_KTM_450_RALLY_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_1013_1024 81106_COMA_KTM_450_RALLY_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_0814_1024 81098_COMA_KTM_450_RALLY_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_0778_1024 81096_COMA_KTM_450_RALLY_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_0751_1024
KTM 450 RALLY MY14 (© Jonty Edmunds

The new version of the KTM 450 Rally bike is more ergonomically designed with a narrower frame, new tanks and new radiators allowing for a lower centre of gravity for even better handling over its predecessor. The bike boasts a new roadbook tower with a slimmer design, which has created improved visibility for the rider, and the machine has been refined to cope with the more technical sections seen in recent rallies.

81170_LOPEZFARIACOMA_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_0628_1024 81166_FARIACOMALOPEZ_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_0634_1024 81156_COMA_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_0385_1024 81159_FARIA_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_0183_1024 81162_LOPEZ_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_0457_1024
Chaleco Lopez, Ruben Faria, Marc Coma & KTM 450 RALLY MY14 (© Jonty Edmunds

Specs KTM 450 RALLY MY14

  • Re-designed single cylinder SOHC 4-stroke engine; displacement 449.3cc, bore 95mm, stroke 63.4mm
  • Keihin EMS with electronic fuel injection (44mm throttle body)
  • Multiple disc wet clutch, hydraulically operated, 6 gears, electric starter
  • New especially narrow and rigid chrome-molybdenum steel trellis frame
  • Magura aluminium handlebars Ø 28/22mm
  • New 48mm WP USD front forks & WP rear monoshock with new linkage system
  • Excel laced wheels, 1.60 x 21’’ / 2.50 x 18’’
  • Disc brakes; front 300mm, rear 240mm
  • New narrower front tanks, additional rear tank
  • Seat height 960mm, tank capacity 33l
  • Dry weight 140kg
  • New narrower roadbook tower
  • Cockpit cluster now made of CFRP


Marc Coma (E), Red Bull KTM Rally Factory Team

81058_COMA_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_1241_1024 81060_COMA_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_1256_1024 81065_COMA_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_1385_1024 81066_COMA_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_1403_1024 81071_COMA_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_1696_1024
Marc Coma & KTM 450 RALLY MY14 (© Jonty Edmunds
  • Dakar participations: 10
  • Best Dakar finish: Winner 2006, Winner 2009, Winner 2011
  • Dakar 2013: DNS due to injury


Ruben Faria (P), Red Bull KTM Rally Factory Team

81072_FARIA_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_1145_1024 81073_FARIA_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_1175_1024 81075_FARIA_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_1431_1024 81076_FARIA_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_1468_1024 81079_FARIA_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_1755_1024
Ruben Faria & KTM 450 RALLY MY14 (© Jonty Edmunds
  • Dakar participations: 6
  • Best Dakar finish: 2nd (2013)
  • Dakar 2013: 2nd


Chaleco Lopez (RCH)

81083_LOPEZ_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_1169_1024 81084_LOPEZ_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_1197_1024 81085_LOPEZ_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_1417_1024 81090_LOPEZ_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_1820_1024 81091_LOPEZ_KTM_Rally_Dakar_2014_1871_1024
Chaleco Lopez & KTM 450 RALLY MY14 (© Jonty Edmunds
  • Dakar participations: 6
  • Best Dakar finish: 3rd (2010, 2013)
  • Dakar 2013: 3rd

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