UNBOUND: Emotions, not mileage

Five ways to become a wide-eyed globetrotter.

The perfect Sunday for Joe Pichler would be to invite his friends and light the barbecue. Then shake their hands and ride to India.

This man is a professional motorcycle adventurer. He heads out into the world on two wheels, keeping his eyes and ears open for photographic magic. Take a look at some snapshots of his secrets to turbocharge your travel experiences.

Set goals
“I set myself goals that I would like to achieve more or less. This flexibility allows me to take my time if I find something interesting to photograph or film. If everything were precisely planned, I’d become stressed. Which I hate. I just keep in mind where we’re riding and what’s on offer there. Then I enter the GPS location for our overnight lodgings. How we get there, however, is decided along the way.”

“Some people strap on spare tires. What for?”


“Once I set off without ever having changed a tire before. I think learning by doing is not all that bad – even today. Planning routes at home for two or three months is out of the question, because it takes away everything unpredictable. It is important to know what is possible from the safety perspective, though; where in the world the crisis areas are that should really be avoided. After all, we’re travellers, not war correspondents.”

Be smart, not cool
“Some people strap on spare tires. What for? A tire lasts 8 to 10,000 km. It’s probably because it looks adventurous. Because it looks cool to carry around loads of stuff. I try to … “


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Discover the interactive and digital UNBOUND magazine!


Discover the interactive and digital UNBOUND magazine!