Fans’ Spot: Lluis Carbo (Catalunya)

The start of a new series on this Blog takes a look at some passionate motorcyclists wherever we can find them. Some people are still die-hard racers, others like to travel and tour, some can’t get enough of track days and windy roads and then there are those that just like to slowly fill their garage. In true KTM style there is also the large group around the world that cannot get enough off-road action. First up we visit Catalunya in north-eastern Spain and Barcelona where 45 year old accountant, Lluis Carbo, is something of an Enduro maniac…

How long have you been riding? What is your current bike and how long have you had it?
LC: I’m 45 and have been riding motorcycles and off-road for over half of my life, in fact it has been 27 years! For the last three years I’ve been riding a 300EXC that I brought as new.

Why that particular bike?
LC: It is impossible to ignore KTM when it comes to off-road; the motorcycles are being used more and more at circuits and trails over the years. It is a prestigious brand and the 300EXC is actually the first KTM I have owned. I normally change bikes every two years or so but I haven’t done so yet. The 300 just seemed to be the right fit for my style of riding. I was sure I wanted a KTM when I came to choosing my next bike at the time.

So you are a two-stroke guy?
LC: Yes, I’ve ridden both of course but the 300 has the right amount of power and is lighter, easier to maintain and also simpler to have a good set-up. With the two-stroke you have a quicker route to the best power. You sacrifice a degree of traction in order to have that power right on tap.


What is your opinion of the brand and what they offer?
LC: I think it is the best brand for off-road because there is a lot of choice in the range with new models coming out frequently as well a continual, annual renovation of those bikes. You have the feeling that the machinery is derived directly from what is raced. Basically the colour orange is the shade of the enduro world, even though the Husaberg is also a very strong product.

Do you ride usually with friends and do you ever head overseas?
LC: Always with friend and Cataluyna is a paradise for enduro even though the regulations for the trails need an overhaul. There should be the possibility to have a licence to be able to share the paths with other users and there is also the potential to create many spaces for the thousands that like to go off-road. Overseas? Yeah sure! We’ve been to Morocco, Mauritania, Libya, Tunisia for Raids, Italy for Hell’s Gate, Romania for Romaniacs…the experience of going to another country and finding new routes and territories and also sharing them with other riders is one of the best parts.

Do you ever see the day when you’ll stop riding enduro? What’s the best part about it?
LC: That day will not arrive…there will always be classic events in the future! The motorcycle forms a big part of the culture in the town where I live; Barcelona. With Enduro you can discover some spectacular places and landscapes and in the Raids cross some really inhospitable land.