KTM is changing – a dip into the DIGICOM department

Today is one of the D-Days for our KTM website.

Just now, our team, as part of the international marketing and consisting of Alex, Gernot, Max, Markus, Volker, Martin and Patrizia, in company with the colleagues of cyberhouse.at switched our website to wait mode. Why? Well, we prepare our system for a stepwise improvement.

According to the racing principle “After the race is before the race” our website ktm.com is changing – finally we have to keep up with our research and development department launching new orange sport equipment every six month (offroad and street).

We´ll start with the most important: the model pages;

During the last weeks and months, we – together with KISKA (our design agency) and Cyberhouse (our web agency) – fiddled about a new layout, tested a lot and racked our brains on icons.

The changes were determined after a usability study putting our website through its paces. We realized that some website elements need to be simplified and that we have to put more focus on the most important – our bikes and sportcars. That’s exactly what we try to implement – you can already have a quick glance at the screen design.

KTM.com zieht sich schrittweise um

What’s going to change?

The new sub-navigation enables us to emphasize the individual models and generally upgrades the model page. Thus, we can concentrate on the essentials: model + technical data and – of course – action photos, as well as studio photos with 360° feature.

You want to find out about all changes? Visit ktm.com and go on an online expedition … – soon we´ll return and once again be digitally “READY TO RACE” …