1190 Adventure Blog Day 4: Here we go

Around midday the first journalist arrives at the hotel by taxi. Others will follow with the bus from the airport. You are welcome, one and all! Now the mission really begins. A last briefing for the photographers takes place and the video guys have also arrived. More KTM staff jet-in for the event along with development director Philipp Habsburg. Our very enthusiastic head of R&D grabs an 1190 Adventure and starts checking out the roads in Tenerife.

My colleague Alex Koths has turned up. His job will take him late into the nights, checking and collecting the digital photo material produced from our two photographers Francesc Montero and Sebas Romero, so that every journalist will get a personalised gallery before leaving the day after the ride. We have 21 testers in the first group, so Alex will have some coffees and Red Bull cans ready!

8 o’clock pm: The official start of the launch with Group 1 and dinner with the first group of motorcycle journos from Holland, USA, Belgium and Germany. Now we are into it, game on. After the greeting ceremony the buffet is attacked. Bedtime follows pretty soon because tomorrow we finally crack on with the reason for everyone coming to Tenerife: getting into the saddle and discovering first hand the all new KTM 1190 Adventure.

More to come…