German precision: The ADAC MX Academy powered by KTM

German football and its latest production line of talent are currently going through a purple patch but the internationally renowned ADAC are hoping to lure youngsters’ attention away from the grass and onto the dirt. Together with KTM, ADAC are launching ‘taster’ courses through their new ‘MX Academy’ and the message couldn’t be clearer: ‘Sport is more than football – become a motocrosser’.

The idea is promising. The union of Germany’s mighty automobile club with 18 million members and KTM, as Europe’s most successful manufacturer with more than 100,000 motorcycles sold and recognized off-road segment leaders have brought a campaign to life to allow young people to try out minibikes. The hope is to provide an exciting sample of motorcycling in general and motocross in particular.

The scheme has been called ‘ADAC MX Academy powered by KTM’ and will start-up from May nationwide at five locations with suitable terrain and circuits. The sessions for young people aged 6 to 14 years last a full day and the fee is only 25 euros. All necessary equipment is provided: KTM minibikes with 50, 65 or 85 capacity, helmets and full protective clothing, plus appropriate monitoring by trained instructors. Even BMX bikes for first laps are available as part of the MX Academy events.

So, dear motorcycle-affected parents, uncles, aunts, relatives and friends all over Germany and neighbouring countries: invite kids (whether your own or from next door), register online, get to the tracks and let them have a superb and safe MX beginners day full of fun, excitement and action. Chances that they’ll enjoy themselves and have a blast and we promise too that no one will be persuaded to give up playing football.

The ADAC MX Academy bases will be held in Frankenthal (Palatinate ADAC), Reutlingen (ADAC Munich), Spremberg (ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg), Wilnsdorf (ADAC Westphalia) and Teutschenthal (ADAC Saxony/Saxony-Anhalt).

Learn more and register online at