UNBOUND: What´s that in the road?

We ride on them, our tires stick to them and our bikes lean on them – literally. But we never stop to wonder where they came from, where they´re going, and what they´re made of.

Everyone who rides a bike instinctively knows a pair of fresh, correctly-inflated tires are vital. Without them, your bike´s grip is compromised, and grip is what stops a moving motorcycle – and you – falling over. But grip works two ways – tires will only stick to something if that same something sticks back to them (if you want to prove this, take the stickiest road tires you can find and go for a ride on wet grass). And the thing that tires like sticking to most is called a road.


The construction of a road is governed by the soil conditions in the area, the anticipated frequency of use (measured in millions of standard axles), the range of vehicles that will use it (obviously larger vehicles like HGVs, busses etc. will stress a road more than cars and bikes), its design life (typically 40 years in Europe) and, finally, the cost of construction.

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Discover the interactive and digital UNBOUND magazine!


Discover the interactive and digital UNBOUND magazine!

Photos: Chippy Wood | Sebas Romero